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Intentions: I tried to make an effort to respect the privacy of the users and respect accessibility norms. If your use case isn't covered, send me a suggestion through the box or catch me in the /wg/ thread on /vt/. I'm open to almost anything, as long as it doesn't require too much work or maintenance, is free, doesn't worsen the experience for other people or is not good in a way I didn't think about here.

3rd party stuff: I try to have everything accessible right here. The first two reviews have image versions hosted on Neocities, the others have. markdown version hosted here too. I may convert the markdown to HTML and give them their own page. The CSS is handmade and hosted right next to the HTML, which is also handmade and free from any 3rd party stuff. No fonts are loaded, either from the web or from this website. No JS at all.

Suggestion box: I use Framaform as a form software. It's a website owned by Framasoft as part of its mission to propose free and open source alternatives to Google products, and using them as Framasomething so that people don't miss the Google/Microsoft convenience too much. Framaform itself is based on Yakforms.

For the more technical part, I've tested the website on Chrome, full size and smartphone size. It is kind of responsive but has a third/quarter of the sapce on the right that isn't used at smartphone size, and I've already wasted an hour trying to fix it. I'm garbage at CSS, so any suggestion/help is appreciated. Any remarks such as "this doesn't work on Netscape Navigator/Firefox/Palemoon/Tor/Surf/etc" are welcome, and I'll try to solve the issues. There's no reason this website shouldn't be viewable and usable with absolutely anything.

Speaking about CSS: I don't have a dark mode yet. As I said, I'm absolute garbage at CSS so it will take me a while. Any contributions are welcome, even stuff like adapting it to work a bit better with dark mode extensions. I've quickly tested Dark Reader and it's okay. Not great, but okay. I'll be waiting for your pull requests code pasted in the free zone field of the suggestion box.

I try to keep the code readable, which means the HTML is well indented, well-formed except for some max depth elements ; the CSS is short and the JavaScript non existant. I also try to mostly respect semantic HTML. This website has exactly 0 divs and 0 spans!

It's a lot of words and thinking for a little website, but as with the reviews, I like the process. Enjoy your time here!


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In the /wg/ threads or by using the suggestion box below

The suggestion box from the Medaka Box anime.

In construction

A gif (animated picture) of Amane Kanata from Hololive. She is wearing a hardhat on her head and holding another with her right hand. The animation starts with her closing her eyes, smiling and lowering her head. She then quickly lifts her head while moving her lips (probably to say something) and shakes her left hand into a thumbs up.